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"We are happy to accept Qoin to a maximum of $100 per person per day, at all of our Market locations each weekend across Brisbane. Please see our facebook page for an up to date list of market locations and dates." Our products are also available for purchase through our Etsy site - To order from Etsy, please select the products you want, screen shot and DM me with your Full name, email, mobile and delivery address. 'Hit the Spot' with one of our adorable Spotpack Heat packs! Bees Wax Wraps - The eco friendly way to store your food in the fridge and keep it fresh for longer. Wraps straight around fruit and vegetables. Wrap sandwiches and wraps for school and work lunches. Wrap around the edge of your cheese block to stop it drying out. Cover all bowls including glass, ceramic, melamine, you name it! The bees wax wraps will stick! Made from locally sourced bees wax, Jojoba oil and natural tree resin, infused in lightweight cotton. Heat Packs - We have heat packs in 10 handy sizes for what ever ales you. Place heat packs across shoulders, stomach, back or other body areas. Our Heat packs are made using an adorable range of cotton fabrics. Our Heat packs are filled with only Australian Lupin Grain - a great alternative to wheat. No wheat smell, no wheat dust (so good for coeliacs), retain the heat for longer, and can be used hot or cold (other options are available for people with peanut allergies - Lupins and peanuts are both from the Legume family). Lavender sachets available to pop inside pillow cases, linen closets and inside of our original heats pack with removable and washable covers. Eye Pillows - Our Eye Pillows contain linseed (with optional lavender) used to relax the eyes and face, reduce puffy eyes and block out light. The eye pillow can also be kept chilled in the fridge and used cold. It can also be heated for 30 seconds which can help to relieve aching eyes. You can find our handmade goodies, heat packs and eco friendly bees wax wraps (eco friendly alternative to glad wrap - last up to 12 months!) at local markets around Brisbane. Check my socials to see where I will be this week! Our products are available for purchase through our Etsy site -

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