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I offer Access Consciousness Energetic Healing Processes & Beauty Services to people within the Brisbane region as well as NSW Byron Bay and Northern Rivers regions. *** TUESDAYS YOU MAY PAY 100% OF SERVICES IN QOIN!!! (facials excluded (70% still applies)) *** ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS MODALITIES When situations in life bring stress, inflammation in the body, feeling blocked or stuck, limited thinking, trauma, drama, overwhelm, insomnia, or just generally feeling un-enthused, the Access Consciousness toolbox is the 'first aid kit' to return you, the being, the mind and the body to a sense of peace, calm, joy, inspiration, clear thinking and expansion. EXCLUSIVE BEAUTY SERVICES I offer for both cosmetic and skin wellness facials with dermal therapist grade potent yet gentle natural ingredients for healing skin imperfections as well as covering them with semi-permant foundation (if selected) for a porceline glow. Some of these ingredients are only found in a $300 dermal therapist facial such as copper tripeptides which promotes collangen and elastin production in your skin while acting as an antioxidant that holds additional hydration for visibly smoother, firmer and softer skin immediately - much faster than most other antiaging products out there!! - truly remarkable active ingredients. Services on offer: ACCESS BARS $90 (you may pay up to 80% in Qoin) Access bars is an alternative medicine process that works with 32 points around the head which when lightly touched activates the different areas of your life to reduce the charge (stress) and resistance related to those areas of life. As life happens we can get cluttered overactive neuro-pathways creating too much heat and electromagnetic charge which inhibits inspiration and clear thinking. If you want access to more ease, joy, and clarity in your life, then this is for you! People who have their bars run often experience: * Restful non-interrupted sleep * Less reactive, * Peace * Greater resilience * Clear thinking/focus * Less inflammation in the body * Greater ability to care for others (especially good for 'carer burnout') * Feeling as though they have just finished a meditation retreat * Greater capacity for joy * Opens up greater capacity for choice and inspiration (rather than being at the effect of how life unfolds) ACCESS ENERGETIC FACELIFT $90 (you may pay up to 80% in Qoin) Many different energies are applied to the body and face. This is not simply an 'outside appearance job', the work is deep and unlocks and dissipates everything you have judged about your face and the points of view you have solidified in your body, especially about the body. This beautifully energetic and gentle modality works with your body's cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate. What to expect: * Rejuvenation of the skin tone of the face (increases blood flowing bringing a rejuvenated aliveness) * Reduce the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body! * Unlocks the points of view you have about aging so that you don't need to function from that anymore - how does your body truly choose to function? * Undo the trauma held in your facial muscles; which leads to: * Rejuvenated relaxed countenance (very good for 'RBF' resting bitch face) MTVSS IMMUNE FUNCTION PROCESS $90 (you may pay up to 80% in Qoin) Now with new immune process created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic! This is one of the most potent Access Body Processes. Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System (MTVSS) is a potent combination of over twenty energies for people and animals. MTVSS can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility. All kinds of things can change with people bodies. Immune system, general health, easing of body, digestion are just a few of the things this process can be used to assist with. BB GLOW HEALING & PERFECT COMPLEXION SEMI-PERMANT FOUNDATION FACIAL First session offer is 2 for $300 (usually $250ea - 4 pack and 6 pack deals also available) - You may pay up to 70% in Qoin (even Tuesdays) BB GLOW EXPRESS Semi-permanant foundation with all natural active botanicals First session offer is 2 for $200 (usually $125ea - 4 pack and 6 pack deals also available) - You may pay up to 70% in Qoin (even Tuesdays). It takes 2 sessions to really see the colour pigment set so you can wakeup feeling sexy AF without makeup! HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN ANTI-AGING SKIN REJUVINATION LUXURY FACIAL

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