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Sarah McFadden is a Makeup Artist with over 10 years industry experience. Highly experienced in editorial, commercial, fashion, wedding, and red carpet makeup with a drive to work across a diverse client base. Artist Experience Sampa The Great - ‘Drip Affiliations' Directed by Darcy Tuppen Mwanje ‘The Devine' Directed and Styling by Ntombi Moyo Mister Birds and Eccavandal ‘Place of Dreams' Directed by Amy Dellar Huntly Muntly ‘Wiggle' Directed by Gianna Mazzeo Allipha ‘Freak Inside' Directed by Indoor Fountains Pixie Lott Eliza Doolittle on her Glasgow Tour supporting Gary Barlow All Saints makeup for their tour in Glasgow supporting The Backstreet Boys Jon Farris shot by Kane Hibberd Alex Lahey shot by Kane Hibberd Birds of Tokyo shot by Kane Hibberd

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