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Our History Regis Filia Beauty was developed in December of 2019, the business has grown very quickly as it adapted to the needs of the people. Our aim is to inspire confidence, worthiness and purpose within all our participants. With over 10 years experience in serving people and certifications in the beauty industry, cosmetic chemistry industry and hospitality industry all consultants of Regis Filia Beauty aim to successfully promote our main values; quality, compassion, acceptance, fun & safety. Our goal Our goal is to customize our programs to suit the needs of our participants. Our main aim is to teach about personal care routines, beauty routines, personal branding and self-discovery by understanding the choices and what society expects of us, as well as establishing boundaries for safety specifically social media management. Our 3 main categories are: My Beauty - learn about makeup application, personal care necessities and new trends. My Brand - learn about clothing choices and their suitability for occasions, learning about strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome fear, how to BE U with confidence in every day life (self-care). My Boundaries - learn about social media and its dangers, assessing what is appropriate to put online, discussing boundaries and creating a list so that we understand what our beliefs, values and worth is, and how setting boundaries protect us. Our Participants We have had the opportunity to cater for adolescents on the autism spectrum, young Adults with a variety of disabilities and look forward to working with the organisation's & parents of adolescents and young adults in the down syndrome community. Some of our topics covered with the participants might be something others take for granted, and easily learn. However we believe that all people in life should have access to bettering themselves and why not in areas such as makeup, style or figuring out how to select a profile picture. We also offer workshops for just makeup application and enjoy the opportunity to connect with young women who are looking to have fun with their friends, adolescents that throw a sleepover/makeup learning party and mature-aged women that are looking to learn new techniques. Our Services We provide workshops in groups and in one-on-one sessions. These can be done online or in person. Prices Workshops: $80/ 2 hours per person for 5 sessions Total - $400 Makeup Kit: $180 Includes; Foundation matched to you (6 months worth), 11pc facial brush set, 35 pan eyeshadow palette, 15 Pan face palette.

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