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The Ultimate Facial – $180 The Ultimate Facial is a service provided at Radiant Beauty- it is a Facial using the three machines that Bev has- IPL, Radio Frequency and Micro Dermabrasion. Inclusive in this Facial is a double cleanse, peel, mask, infused serums, a healing balm and finished with a relaxing massage. The complete result from the ‘Ultimate Facial' is an all over face lift which tightens fine lines, reduces sun damage and pigmentation and reduces acne scarring and rosacea. Microdermabrasion – $89 Microdermabrasion is a form of a skin peel that will remove up to four layers of dead skin cells, boosting collagen, smoothing the skin (including scar tissue), and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. During microdermabrasion pores are safely opened to better accept the products that are used following the treatment. The Microdermabrasion machine at Radiant Beauty is fitted with the ability to infuse oxygen, water or pure serums during the microdermabrasion process, which allows the skin to better utilise its own healing capabilities as well as absorb the safe and natural products used by Bev to give the optimal results to the individual. Body Shaping – $45 (per area) Radiant Beauty has a body shaping machine that targets stubborn areas of fat or cellulite so you can shape and tone your body in a safe and non-invasive process. Using the latest ultrasound technology, the Ultrasonic Cavitation effectively reduces stubborn fat and cellulite with no recovery time. Book a consultation with Bev to find out how to get the Ultimate results with body shaping. For non-invasive tummy tucks, breast lifts and removal of tuckshop arms, Radiant Beauty By Bev combines the Body Shaping machine with the use of RadioFrequency which lifts, heals and tones muscle and skin in the targeted area.

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