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MOBO STYLE LOUNGE is a professional designer boutique salon. Director Branden has 20 years experience in the fashion and beauty industry. Branden's creative flair has him a degree in areas such as fashion design, advertising, marketing and styling services. His high credentials has had him work with well known fashion labels and medias which include Marc Jacobs, Blue Marine, Emmanuel Ungao, Adidas Originals, W, Vogue, Bazzar and many more. After working in Europe and Asia he moved to Australia in 2007. Branden's passion and love for hairdressing enables him to create styles of intricate detail that best suits ones individuality. 'If you try to look like someone else you never can find your true identity. You can inspire people. You can be a walking inspiration. When you are not confident inside and outside you never can feel beautiful.' MOBO STYLE LOUNGE is your style adviser and life style designer. Bookings Essential! Please call of text.

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