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Serious about brows? So is Dee. Dee has been a beauty therapist since she left school at the age of 16. She has loved every minute as the last eleven years she has successfully run her own business. For the last seven years she has focused her unique skills in just brows. Driving her success in the cosmetic tattoo industry, her exceptional work speaks for itself. "The importance of a perfectly designed eyebrow should never be overlooked" - Dee Dee's “gift of the brow” is celebrated within the Sunshine Coast and Sydney and her expertise in re-designing the face purely by sculpting eyebrows is second to none. Eyebrows frame the face and play a vital role in making a positive first impression, which is especially important when your face is the first thing the world sees! With a dedication and commitment to deliver the best results for each client along with Dee's love and passion for sculpting beautiful brows, your experience Brows by Dee will be one you're sure to love. NOW AVAILABE …….. SKIN BY DEE- Dee Has been a beauty therapist since she left school at 16, she started off in the beauty industry as she had suffered from acne in her teens. She soon discovered that beauty skin & brows was more then a job it was a passion. And knowing how confident good skin and brows made you feel and look dee couldn't not share that feeling with others. Her Knowledge to the skin anatomy is second to none and she cant wait to get the skin results you have always dreamt of! So SKIN BY DEE is now available and you can VIEW the range of skin treatments under the SKIN BY DEE tab. via

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