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I have been in the Hair and Beauty industry for 37 years. I am qualified in both hairdressing and beauty therapy. Proudly I have owned and operated 2 Hair and Beauty salons over a 16 yr period. In this time I  trained my own apprentices to qualified  trade and have also worked within the spray tanning industry  representing Technotan as W.Aust Spray tan trainer, technical support person and business development manager. Dealing with national and international clients. I have trained numerous Salons, Beauty Colleges and Theapists the perfect spray tan techniques and all the tips and tricks of the trade, product and equipment knowledge and how to build a successful business that will strive ahead in our competave industry. I recently moved to QLD 2 yrs ago to have a sea change and to follow my dreams and have opened my home Studio located in Northalkes. I use only quality Hairdressing and Tanning  products and take pride in my work.

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