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215 Cottesloe Drive
Mermaid Waters

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Hi i am Sandra, Wife, Mum, Holistic Beauty Therapist and Owner/Operator of Alma. With over a decade of industry experience i have always had the the burning desire of having my own beauty business and to be able to offer clients the time to relax and unwind. So let me share with your what Alma is about, ALMA meaning SOUL in Portuguese reflects my philosophy that beauty is intrinsically connected to wellness of body, mind, and soul. I am dedicated to gifting you with a unique experience that will nourish you in all levels of your being. This is beauty at a whole new level. I am thrilled to offer services that have the ability to holistically improve my clients lives. “Self-care, unified '” is the mantra of ALMA I welcome you to join me on a sensory journey for your body, mind and soul. 50/50 Qion

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